NFL x Verizon 8K360 Broadcast

  • Year
  • 2020
  • Category
  • Broadcast

we brought the first true 8K/360 live broadcast to the world. We streamed the Pro Bowl from Orlando into a 55ft dome.. all the way in Miami!! This was done using one of the first 5G networks provided by Verizon! Crazy. ESPN gave us a little fun shout out too 🙂 
The stream was also simultaneously accessible in VR from mobile phones, which was actually a really fun to way to watch football. 
I worked closely with the amazing team at @radiantimages to develop a workflow for a low-latency 8K system integrated to industry Broadcast standards. 
We had two 360 cameras, one at end zone and another one rigged to the NFL skycam, which by the way, is a seriously dope setup. 
The 360 cameras were first stitched In realtime, and I setup several @touchdesigner workstations to provide various levels of control which integrated seamlessly into a broadcast ecosystem built around 8K switcher, live graphics and all. The final output was maped to a dome and ran happily at @ 8K+60fps thanks to some RTX magic 🙂 


  • Year
  • 2019
  • Category
  • Art Film

Adrien Oneiga’s ‘Alchemie’ is a meditation on self awareness through reflection.It features underwater performance artist Hannah Fraser and music by Krister Linder. It was shot underwater using practical effects such as animated lighting and prisms.